How to throw an Environmentally Friendly Party!

consumable treats rather than loot bags

Scrap the Invite Cards

Your child’s birthday comes once a year, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop being kind to the environment! Why not throw an eco-friendly party for your child that can inspire their guests (and their parents) to be more environmentally conscious? Let’s save the environment– and your wallet! Here’s how:

Why not scrap the disposable invitation cards and opt for Evites and other digital invitations? Evites will go right to the parents’ inboxes and there is a huge selection of cards that will adorably fit your theme. 

Say No to Loot Bags

Loot bags are so been there, done that! Plus those cheap toys (not to mention their packaging) goes right into landfill. If you are giving away party favours, make it something your guests can make themselves and use again like tie-dye shirts or pottery art better yet something consumable. Your guests will have fun making these favours and you will save on waste because these gifts won’t end up at the bottom of some toy box. 

Giving to Charity instead of Gifts

Make donating to charity in lieu of giving you a gift easy for your guests. At the same time supporting a wonderful cause. Choosing a cause with your child also teaches them giving back and caring. A great site to check out is

Food and How to Serve It

Avoid using single-use utensils and flatware! Instead use your own cutlery and opt for food that doesn’t need plates; for example, pizza and homemade cupcakes make for a nice plateless cake substitute. Also, avoid providing your guests with juice boxes and plastic water-bottles.

Entertainment and Activities

Face painting is a great activity for guests and does not produce any waste! It’s environmentally friendly, and your guests will love it! Eco Glitter is totally biodegradable and will not end up sitting at the bottom of the ocean as regular glitters do.


Be creative and create an eco activity such as crafts that are from recyclable items or can be recycled or baking, kids LOVE baking. Play good old fashioned games like Freeze Dance, Simon Says, and Limbo – you’d be surprised how much FUN these simple, silly games will keep kids happy.