PAR-T-PETS™  – choose from 8 styles or mix and match


PERFECT for kids birthday parties or events. Keep kids entertained as they get to stuff, name and adopt their own super soft, pets.  It’s an activity and take home gift all in one.

  • EXTRA SOFT 8-inch soft plush Par-T-Pets™. Delight your child  ith these beautiful plush party pets.
  • TAKE HOME GIFT.  Alternative to loot bags or take home gift.
  • ADOPT YOUR VERY OWN PET! Each of our beautiful party pets comes with its own ‘birth’ certificate. Your kids can fill them out and treasure them forever.
  • GREAT FOR DEVELOPING FINE MOTOR SKILLS – This is so much more than just a stuffable pet or teddy bear! Stuffing and playing helps hone your child’s fine motor skills, opening new doors to exploration, learning, and creative expression

3 WAYS to purchase Par-T-Pets™

1. Individually purchase pets each $7.95/dragon $8.50. (Shipping 14.95)

2. DIY Kits shipped directly to you, starting at $44.95 for 5 kids + 14.95 shipping (kit includes everything needed – stuffing, adoption certificates, wishing star and stuffing sticks

3. Full-Service Birthday Parties include one glitter tattoo artist that assist with the pet stuffing and applies a glitter tattoos for each child. Starting at $249.

ADD on to activity – T-shirts in pink and White $1.95 ea and/sleeping bags $3.95 ea.

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Par-T-Unicorn white or pink

Par-T-Polar Bear

Par-T-Pet Penguin

Limited edition PET-DRAGON

DIY Kits

Pet TEE in White and Pink

Pet Sleeping Bag








The following are instructions on how to complete your adoption.

  • On the back of each Par-T-Pet you will find both a Velcro seal (outer) and a zipper (inner).
  • Open the Velcro pouch and gently pull out the zipper portion and unzip.
  • Use the Zipper tube as a tunnel to insert the stuffing.
  • Stuff the arms and legs first with fingers. If needed you can use our stuffing sticks or pencil, etc. to gently stuff to desired fullness.
  • Once you begin stuffing the main body you can insert the wishing star.
  • When placing the star inside close your eyes and make a wish.
  • Complete stuffing the Pet until desired fluffiness.
  • Zip the inner zipper and gently push back in. Then seal the Velcro.
  • Name your Par-T-Pet.
  • Fill out the details of the adoption certificate.
  • Additional adoption certificates and invitations are available to download FREE at