Quarantine Party Options

Celebrating a special day during quarantine, without the luxury of having friends over, can feel boring. We have NEW quarantine party options to make your day fun no matter what!

Happy Faces – Online ZOOM Offerings – all info will be sent to the host.

Kids (recommended for 4-12 years)

1/2 hr – $75
45 min – $100

Hawaiian Lana Dance Party (up to 25 kids)
Lana, sister of Moana, starts with a fun intro
Hula Show with Lana
Learn to Hula dance
What to bring: wear a flowing skirt or Hula skirt and anything
dress up

Drawing of girl dressed in Hula skirt

Learn to dance the Hula!

Pokeman Party (up to 15 kids)
Learn to draw your favourite Pokeman and have a fun challenge with each other.
What to bring: paper and writing tools

Ash Ketchum, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu from Pokemon running

Learn how to draw your favourite Pokemon character!

Magic Games (up to 25 kids)
15 minute Magic Show
Play magician says and musical chair

Drawing of a boy pulling a bunny from his hat magic trick

Learn some fun magic tricks!

FUN get-togethers for All ages (groups min 5 people)

Minimum 5 people $75
$10 for each additional person
$2 extra each in colour

Caricature Art
Watch the artist draw everyone with sneak peeks
Fun mini-lesson on how to draw one yourself.
What to bring: paper and writing utensil.
NOTE: Caricatures emailed to party host afterwards.

Virtual Caricature Drawing of Woman

Invite one of our virtual caricature artists to your next party!


Drawing for Answers (15yrs+ to grown-ups)
No art or intuition experience required!
Learn to use simple drawing tools and get answers from your own intuition.
Everyone will learn their own colour meanings and how to use them to interpret your answers.
NOTE: Everyone receives a beautiful virtual workbook ($10 value)
What to bring drawing tools and sheet paper

If none of these activities suit your fancy, contact us to discuss other quarantine party options.