Summer Party Themes

By: Madelaine Hodges

Summer is just around the corner and so are those summer parties! Host an outdoor party this summer that your guests (and their parents) will remember for years to come with these summer themes!

  1. Pool Party: Pool parties are classic and great for kids 8 and up. It will keep your guests occupied the whole party long. If you don’t have your own pool, many community centres accept bookings for birthday parties. If you are hosting in your own pool, be sure to have an adult supervisor at all times!
  2. Hawaiian Luau: Decorate the backyard with tikis and tropical flowers! Hire someone to teach your guests how to hula or play music from Moana and play freeze dance. Hand out leighs and have your cake match the theme.
  3. Beach Party: Whether you invite your guests to the actual beach or host it in your own backyard, this theme is a hit! Blow up some beach balls and play volleyball. If you’re baking a cake yourself, blue icing and graham cracker crumbs make for perfect water and sand. Let the kids decorate their own flip flops by purchasing fabric markers and white flip flops. 
  4. Summer Olympics: Bet you haven’t seen one of these yet! Invite your guests to come wearing the colours or jersey of their chosen country, and set up some obstacle courses in the backyard or in a nearby park! Let the kids compete and at the end, award everyone with cupcakes decorated like gold medals!
  5. Wilderness Explorers: What’s more fun than a scavenger hunt? Let the kids have fun in the backyard by setting up a puzzle that involves teamwork and problem-solving. Your questions can even challenge your guests knowledge on the great-outdoors. Have a jungle themed cake!
  6. Garden Fairies: Invite your guests to come dressed as garden fairies! Let them play pretend in the backyard. Play freeze dance and let them decorate their own fairy wings with glitter. Have a fairy themed cake!
  7. A Bug’s Life: Hand out magnifying glasses for the kids to go on a scavenger hunt with questions about bugs! Or set up bug themed crafts. For the cake, use Oreo crumbs for the dirt, chocolate pudding for the filling, and gummy worms to decorate. 
  8. Fossil Finders: In your own sandbox or at a local park, burry fake bones and other treasure. Have the kids collect the “bones” they found to build a dinosaur. White fondant for bones and graham cracker crumbs for sand make for a perfect cake.
  9. Movie Under the Stars: This party works best if you own a projector! Set up your projector in the backyard and a big white sheet as the screen. Pop some popcorn, put out some blankets/chairs, and put on a kid friendly movie! 
  10. Road Hockey Party: Set up some nets on your driveway, a ball, and pick up some cheap sticks from the dollar store. You can decorate the cake to look like a real ice-rink. (This theme can also be substituted for a basketball theme, with basketball nets, and a cake decorated like a quart.)

All of these summer themes can be taken to the next level of fun with our face painting, balloon animals, caricature art, and glitter tattoo services!

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